Blog Vulture 5/20-5/26


10 albums snapped from the ether this past week

Ba’al – Reverence (05/24/19)

Crisp post-black metal, possessing drive and clarity in what is a beautiful, but often murky subgenre. Doesn’t fail to draw you down the abyss, but the muddy, gritty texture of the walls is fully visible as you tumble.

Black Mountain – Destroyer (Jagjaguwar, 05/24/19)

A deep love for classic rock flows through this writer’s veins, with the only caveat that a lot of newer bands imitating the style can feel stale. This early-metal/psych hybrid adds enough dimension to feel fresh and contemporary, while still giving you that drive.

Esoctrilihum – The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods (I, Voidhanger, 05/24/19)

A really good week for metal releases. This more grandiose, obscure black metal missive is almost psychedelic in it’s sonic scope, but all at once: like a satanic Bosch-ian buffet piled to overflowing greed on a plate of universal black onyx.

Franck Vigroux – Totem (Aesthetical, 05/24/19)

Interesting conceptual structure and diverse array of textures—from blackened ritual noise to sparser electronics, and everything in between. This is more finely crafted, contemporary composition, with a will towards darkness and abstraction. Bright doom.

GILA – Trench Tones (Lex, 06/12/19)

An upcoming EP, continuing this week’s theme of music that might, or does employ antlers as decoration. Here the similarity to black/ritual metal dissipates, and instead we are launched into a nostalgic montage of human voices and warm, reverb-y electronics on the one track streaming so far. Is “Throw This Away” an instruction, or a critique of the low priority we often place on community?

Oort Smog – Smeared Pulse Transfers (04/26/19)

Classic freak-out jazz with as many flying appendages as there as bizarre growths on the album cover. Bit of that 90s math/spazz rock feel. Just jerky enough to dislocate something. Which might be helpful…you never know.

Shlohmo – The End (Friends of Friends, 03/22/19)

Eerie, post-apocalyptic sweetness from where else but Los Angeles. Warm and despairing is a nice combo, because as the world disintegrates you can simply put on a nice sweater, and fade away. Just like the dying sun.

Tegh – Unusual Path (Midira, 05/31/19)

As the layers multiply, you are slowly assimilated. This piece doesn’t build, so much as it envelops. No mean feat. Masterful drone work.

The Well- Death and Consolation (RidingEasy, 04/26/19)

More classic early-metal riffage with strong psych influences. Just enough darkness to bury it a few catacombs deeper than a conventional blues-rock outing.

Wishfield – S/T (P04/12/19)

The warped, pitch shifting magic of Kevin Shields applied to an entire ensemble, the vocals and bass lurching through waves of seasickness in perfect unity. Stormy and dislocating, and a unique touch for this midwestern blackgaze-dreampop group. Intrigued.